Unspoken Link Building Rules That Everyone Must Follow In 2020 by

Unspoken Link Building Rules That Everyone Must Follow In 2020

Link building is undoubtedly an SEO tactic that has always been there but it is good to see old things with new perspectives. Are you building your backlinks the right way? Or are you still using outdated techniques and practices? What do you need to do for realigning your approach? Now that the new decade has begun, it is time to have a fresh look at your current tactics and give it a revamp.

While there are some basics that you will still need to follow, you can invest in a refresh in some areas to get better results right now. Here are some unspoken link building rules that every SEO professional should follow in 2020 and beyond.

Rule #1: Determine the value of every link you build

There has always been a greater emphasis on the quality of backlinks rather than their number. If you haven’t been adhering to this rule, you must absolutely stick to it from now on. Determine the value of every single link you invest in because each of them has an impact on your profile, and subsequently your ranking.

Does it have the potential for bringing value to your website in terms of ranking and traffic? Is it relevant? Are you linking with an authoritative source? Weigh each aspect carefully and decide whether it is worthwhile.

Rule #2: Go for unlinked brand mentions

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get a backlink for your website is by figuring out others who are mentioning your brand on their websites but not linking to it. The fact is that you may be missing out on some awesome opportunities due to these unlinked brand mentions.

Go ahead to connect with these sources and request them to link with you. Whether it comes to taking an aggressive approach or being persuasive, you must do everything you can to secure these mentions.

Rule #3: Don’t forget the basics

Even while you go a step further to advance your link building strategies in 2020, don’t forget the basics. Local listings still do well and they will continue to be important. Further, invest in a diverse backlink profile with the objective to link with as many sites as you can. Just make sure that these are niche-relevant and have reasonably good authority as well.

You can go through 3 Best Backlink SEO Software 2020: 100% Automatic Link Building if you are keen to automate your link building process. These smart tools help you to build the most amazing link profile with lesser hard work.

Rule #4: Reclaim broken links

Another smart idea to strengthen your link building tactics this New Year is to detect your broken links and reclaim them.

A broken link refers to the one you had made earlier but is not working anymore.

You would not want to lose the hard work, and neither would want to give up on the audience that may land on your website through this link. This strategy lets you claim your backlinks back with little effort and within the minimal time span.So it is as good as a new one!

Rule #5: Outreach and connect with influencers

A key link building tactic that you cannot afford to ignore right now is connecting with influencers. These are the niche leaders who can introduce you to a relevant audience and even drive them to your website. Moreover, the word of mouth of these influencers is more valuable than any other form of advertising because they have a following that trusts them.

Having an outreach strategy helps, and so does building long-term relationships with these influencers. Offer them quality content they can publish as guest posts and give you a genuine, high-quality backlink in return.

Rule #6: Prioritize quality content

Whether it is about guest posting on authoritative websites or attracting quality backlinks naturally, content is the magic pill that always works. Therefore, prioritizing quality content continues to be the key to winning the link building game. Besides producing pieces that are informative and valuable, focus on diverse content formats as well. Create an awesome mix of blog posts, infographics, videos, and more because they have the potential to engage the audience. 

While you must follow these backlink building rules in the coming time, don’t forget to steer clear of the black-hat practices. After all, you would not want one wrong move to destroy all the good work. Make sure that you avoid practices such as buying links, link exchange, PBNs and spammy links. Focus on best practices and you will definitely be able to make it to the top.

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