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Is Your lifestyle Change Underway? Here Are Some Of The Things To Consider

It is at this time of year where there seems to be a lot of focus on self-improvement. This might be quitting a habit, embarking on a new career or tackling a more general lifestyle change. This could include all aspects of your life such as the food you eat down to the commute you take to work. But, an overall change to your lifestyle could unnerve some hurdles that you will need to overcome. More often than not it is these obstacles that stop us in our tracks and cause us to fail. 

A lifestyle change that you want to make will always come from the right place and with the very best intentions. But often we don’t see that sometimes it may require smaller goals to overcome before we can reach the main target. Losing weight, for example, may mean you need to change the way you eat and your whole relationship with food, for example. But these changes are worthwhile.

With that in mind, here are some of the things to consider before embarking on such a big change. Let’s hope it helps you with your fitness and wellbeing journey this year.    

Do you smoke?

Smoking is quite a common habit that a lot of people have, but it can be detrimental to your health. The chemicals inside a cigarette are harmful and can be the resulting factor of terminal illnesses in life.

So smoking is something you may want to consider giving up if you are planning to overhaul your life in a more healthy way. If this is something you want to consider then you could try going cold turkey, nicotine patches or even try e-cigarettes.

It is always a good idea to seek some advice from a health professional as well, who could help you find the best possible solution for making this change.

You may find that giving up this habit helps you to overcome other things in your life.

Such as drinking more often. Which brings us to the next potential change that you may want to make. 

Do you drink alcohol regularly?

Alcohol is another addictive substance that we can all become accustomed to in our daily routine. Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky glass of wine or pint of beer to welcome the weekend?

But there is a fine line between being a social drinking, and someone who is more dependent on the substance. If you find you are drinking more often than not, then you may want to consider giving it up for a while or cutting down your intake.

It could have a dramatic effect on your health by improving your mood and your sleep quality. Many people have already embarked on dry January, and noticed a considerable change in terms of weight loss and how they spend their time. Alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation, but knowing when it is more of a dependence is the best way to ensure that you have a healthy relationship with it. 

Are you struggling with any other addictions? 

There may be other addictions in your life that you might want to overcome. This could be anything that you feel you rely on or perhaps feel dependent on. Often these addictions can be a sensitive or personal situation to you, things like an addiction to porn, for example.

But it could also be things like a sugar addiction. Knowing what your habits are and whether they are justified as healthy is an excellent place to start. If you recognise there are issues, then you may want to look at what changes you can make to feel better and tackle the issues that you have. 

Are you in good health?

Part of your lifestyle change might mean to take on more exercise, but one of the things you have to consider is whether or not you are in good health anyway.

Are you struggling with an illness or a niggling injury?

This is where it’s worth tailoring your lifestyle around your current needs to ensure you can stay on the path. It could be the ideal time to start making the changes that are needed to ensure that you can get fit and healthy. Niggling injuries where you have forgotten about seeking out treatment. It might be the time to make those positive changes. 

Is there any part of your body that could cause you injury?

Another thing to consider would be whether you have ongoing injuries that could come about if you put pressure on with exercise or being more active. Perhaps it’s a knee injury from the past or ongoing issues like arthritis?

Again tailoring your lifestyle change around your current needs would be a positive step.

You could always seek the help and guidance of someone who is an expert in this field.

They could advise on specific exercises that you could try that may be able to strengthen the old injury. It could be that there are specific exercises you can do that will avoid any unnecessary pressure on those areas.

It is always worth knowing what you are capable of as this can help you to stick with the changes rather than getting injured or giving up at the first hurdle. 

Do you have a balanced diet?

Diet is a key factor in your lifestyle, so it’s important to look at your current eating habits and look at where positive changes could be made. Perhaps you want to try giving up sugar entirely, or just cutting certain junk and sugar foods out of your diet for good.

Your lifestyle change might include a choice of not eating fish or meat, so it’s worth researching to ensure you get what you need out of your food choices moving forward. Diet is such an important aspect of your health, and many have the intention of changing it to lose weight or to get more energy. It is certainly worthwhile to look at what options you have and make the right choices for you. 

Let’s hope these questions help you stick with your lifestyle change this year. 

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