Companies That Use Apps To Achieve Success.

Using Apps To Achieve Success

A growing trend amongst small and medium companies is giving up on the software culture to embrace the lighter, easier to install and user friendlier alternative offered by – apps.

Organizations are joining the app train in the hope of making their employees more productive.

Studies have shown that companies use on average between 10 and 15 apps!

Now more is not always better! As many of the apps cover similar tasks and end up over-over-over complicating things.

Employers who make the step towards extensive app usage in the office need to understand that the very nature of these applications make them less rigid than their installer-based counterparts. It is a lot easier to get apps up and running, than employees accepting all apps as a replacement for their traditional software. Yes, your team will accept a number of apps – but the human brain can only take so much, implementing 10-15 at the same time – well, we know what happens…

With the above comes a very different change management programme – a digital transformation focused one.

Most apps can be run from inside the browser and reflect the gradual migration of software into the cloud. Cheaper prices, more flexible subscription (app software) programs, and easier access to app stores are decisive factors for making workforce apps, like employee engagement more popular. Companies that do not  use complex RAM-consuming graphic software, can get almost everything done from right inside the browser. It is quite hard to say no to that, right 😉

Apps can have various purposes and even serve as marketing tools.

More and more companies gave up on traditional ad campaigns and invested in creating applications that connect with their customers or potential customers at a much higher level than pure advertising used to do. Most brands have developed their own app and even equipped it with handy functions. It can be something as simple as showing the local weather, but it serves its purpose, it makes you view their brand logo or company motto.


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Studies reveal that at least half of those who regularly use a branded app, are more engaged by that company’s culture and more interested in making a purchase!

The future belongs to Apps.

Light, portable, and working on all devices, apps are a solution for any business that wants to keep up with the digital evolution of the market.

But only three years ago, half of these companies that are now using 15 apps per team – did not even have a fully implemented mobile app strategy! Things have changed, and business owners understand that the transition to mobile technology is not a trend or something optional.

The most innovative companies that are making big steps and starting to use apps are transforming themselves ground up and substantially evolve their business plan.

If you are an owner and manager whose organization did not make the leap to mobile yet, you are probably wondering where your competition is…

They are probably far far far ahead, tapping into the incredible potential of the digital world. The fast pace of change does not wait on the undecided, and the future belongs to the applications that will fit in your pocket.

But it is also REALLY important to look at what is possible within your organization, do not let your company be pushed into implementing apps or cloud software by any sort of Tech ‘guru’, before understanding the long term advantages. Build up your knowlege about digital transformations first!

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