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What Are Employment Lawyers And In Which 5 Situations Can They Help You?

Employees of any business are entitled to a lawyer that handles any issues that may arise in the workplace.

Whether it is common for workplace issues to occur or not, the proper type of lawyer will be able to assist in any occurrences or even just simple questions.

Employment Lawyers Defined

There are employment laws in place on every level, federal, state, and local, that address any issue that could possibly come up in the workplace.

If one were to occur, employment lawyers are available to assist either the employer and the employee. The employment lawyers also serve to uphold the laws that are in place because they will be the most knowledgeable in them.

Employment lawyers have a degree from an accredited law school and will preferably have one to two years of experience before being hired into their position.

The following five situations are areas in which employment lawyers can help you with:

1. Worker’s Compensation

One situation that employment lawyers will help you with is if you are injured on the job. Worker’s compensation is an insurance program that employers are required to provide for their employees who get injured or suffer from an illness that is job-related.

An employee with worker’s comp will have their medical bills paid for and will also have replacement wages; which will all be facilitated be an employment lawyer.

2. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be defined as unwanted sexual advances which interferes with the ability of an employee to do one’s work. Sexual harassment is also sexual conduct that creates a workplace that is hostile or offensive. If the environment turns hostile, then it is grounds to get an employment lawyer involved.

3. Termination of Employment

All employers have a handbook that details the requirements for their employees and also the instances in which an employee may be terminated.

It is rare that termination of employment happens in one moment; there are usually incremental steps that are taken in order for the termination to be valid. If at any point the outlined steps are not followed as they should and an employee is terminated, then an employment lawyer can get involved to defend the rights of the employee.

4. Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is illegal. This means that it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against someone due to their race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, or sexual orientation.

This discrimination is illegal when an employer is hiring and also once the employee has been hired. If you have experienced discrimination in any of these areas, as an employee or even an employer, you have the right to an employment lawyer.

5. Workplace Safety

Your employer is required to provide you with a safe workplace that is free from known safety and health hazards.

  • If there is ever a concern that you have about the workplace not being safe then you have a right to bring that up without being retaliated against.
  • If the safety issues are not addressed then an employment lawyer is able to step in on your behalf to ensure that you are safe in the workplace.

 With these five situations in mind, you are able to seek the proper help you need.

Especially when it comes to the workplace. As an employee, you have rights and these rights will always be protected by employment lawyers if the need ever arises.

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