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Workplace 101: What Are Your 5 Essential Rights As An Employee?

According to the law, every employee is entitled to equal rights, you included. These rights ascertain you have a convenient working environment, free from conditions which will subject you to emotional distress, physical torture and disturbance of your peace of mind.

Supposing you are a small business owner, you should ensure all your employees’ rights are observed.

The following are some of the rights.

Right to Fair Pay

The fact remains that each employee deserves the rights to fair pay and that’s why you work to get paid and meet your daily needs. Underpayment should be a huge number. You need to be paid the required wages according to the work you perform. In addition, you are entitled to overpay, when you work past 40 hours which is recommended weekly.

You can file a complaint when your employers refuse to comply. After all it’s your right.

Right from Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination is tormenting in any workplace. There should be no discrimination based on gender, age, color, sex, race, origin or nationality. You need to be subjected to equal treatments regardless of who you are.

Fairness is needed when treating each employee.

Moreover, harassment to you as an employee is against your right. You need to report sexual harassment, such as receiving sexual advances or sexual favors from your colleagues or your superiors.

Right to a Safe Working Environment

You spend a lot of time in your place of work. Thus, you require a conducive environment to achieve all these. When working in a factory, you need to be protected from any work accidents.

Provision of safety gears such as helmets, safety boots and breathing mask are essential in enhancing safety.

Furthermore, you should have medical insurance covers and access to hospital in case of any injury incurred at work.

A proper sanitation, well ventilated rooms and clean environment is essential to a healthy working conditions. You can refuse to work in an environment that is hazardous to your health.

Right to Medical and Family Leaves

As an employee you need to rest. Hence, the constant breaks and necessary to re-energize and boost your energy levels. You have right to these leaves. A maternity leave and paternal leave is necessary for you. You are also entitled to at least one day off, in a week.

In case you fall ill or your loved one is ill, you can file for a day off.

Finally, during a normal working day, there need to be rest breaks and lunch breaks. After all you are human and not a machine. You need a break darling.

Right to Privacy

You need your space as an employee. Your personal stuff such as your handbag or personal belongings are private to you. A person checking your bag without permission is disrespecting your rights. Besides, you need lockable storage lockers for your personal things.

Your personal mail is also private and not even your boss should check it. You also need unlimited Wi-Fi for maximum productivity.

Wrap Up

You have rights as an employee which need to be respected. Know your rights to avoid being mistreated. You need to report any cases of neglects concerning your rights to the liable authorities.

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