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What Employers Look For In Excellent Business Administrators

A business administrator is an excellent asset to any team.

It’s not hard to see why. A business administrator oversees systems, processes and people, serving as a macro caretaker of all important functionalities that systemize an operation.

For this reason, they are in high regard. If you’re looking to perhaps become valued in an increasingly important business role, you could do much worse than gunning for this position. The top management positions often have $100k – $150k as a starting salary excluding bonuses, so you’ll likely be well looked after in return for your efforts.

In order to aim towards a goal like this, you need to know what employers look for in excellent business administrators.

Thankfully, this guide should help serve as inspiration to that end. We only hope it helps:

Case Studies

A business administrator usually a Manager – should have a competent understanding of what has worked before. Learning the case studies and having a practical knowledge of your industry and the current corporate climate you operate within will be a great method of informing your understanding on a daily basis, helping you act as the most aware employee possible.

Employers do not hire a business administrator to play by the book – they’re looking for inventing ideas that take into account the company’s vision. While you may not make the most creative decisions to move forward, you will need creative solutions to employ those practices in the best way possible. If you want to be a great writer, your informed understanding will be served by reading plenty of books. Your creativity will blossom, not be distracted thanks to this. Just like this, any good business administrator learns from those around them, and of course finds inspiration there too.


All good administrators need more than practical case studies to rely on. They also need a high degree of education and competency within the business environment. If you’re looking for that extra step forward to becoming better in your field, finding an online accredited MBA and ensuring a real practical grounding of knowledge can help you take that step forward.

These degrees will give you a fantastic real world knowledge of not only the theory, but how to apply your skills in a talented manner. Without qualifications or the backbone to prove your skillset, you’ll be struggling for work in these industries.

Work Ethic

Management have a tough job to do. They are often to blame when things go wrong, even if they aren’t actually responsible for an issue. This means that not only does an administrator need the humility to emotionally cope with this, but also a work ethic that would put the CEO to shame 😉

With this, they will stay on top of constantly refining their approach, working on their business weaknesses and always outpace those that they instruct, allowing them to be the most competent person in the role.

With these simple virtues, you are sure to find yourself with plenty of management jobs to choose from. With an average salary of around $90,000 to $120,000 offered, you could do much worse.

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