3 Simple Methods To Detect That You Are Not Respected In The Workplace

3 Simple Methods To Detect You Are Not Respected In The Workplace

Unfortunately, not all workplaces are sunshine and roses. There are environments of difficulty for employees all across the salary spectrum, and it’s important to assess what sort of circumstance you find yourself in from time to time. Not every employer is perhaps as willing or as competent as you may have preferred. Some neglect staff, or take purposeful measures to make their lives difficult. It’s likely you’ve had a job similar to this – most people unfortunately have!

No business is exempt from this. It takes a routinely careful and sustainable maintenance to care for a team of people, especially in a large corporation.

But as an employee, it’s not your job to care for all of your colleagues, unless you directly manage them. It’s important for you to care for your own situation!

Here are three simple methods to detect you are not being respected in the workplace:

Late Or Missing Payments

If you realize that you find yourself worrying about if your payment is going to be reliable this week or month, you should probably consider why. This is not a normal or acceptable thing to be worried about. Businesses have no right to withdraw payment from you in any way. A mistaken clerical error once in a while is more than understandable, provided it happens RARELY.

However, employers who are happy to seemingly follow their own schedule with payments should be considered the lowest of the low. They are breaching their end of the contract that you signed on to supply your labor for if behaving in this manner. There may even be more insidious reasons behind this issue. Read this and see if you’ve ever been the victim of wage theft – it could open your eyes as to the true nature of your working issues. Finding a resolution to this problem is essential, and if you can’t, finding a new workplace will be.

Unbalanced Treatment

Unbalanced treatment can, unfortunately, be a very difficult matter to deal with, and can shred your confidence in your working environment. If you find that a colleague is seemingly getting all the attention from a training perspective, or is handed the best contracts, or is handed the most opportunities, and you work equally as hard if not more on your side, it might be worth talking to HR about unbalanced and unfair treatment, perhaps requesting if there is a symptom causing this. HR is usually very quick to rectify workplace neglect or even bullying, so be sure to either go there or straight to the top of the business. Never be afraid to leave if this continues. It can harm your confidence in your skills otherwise. This goes for overbearing criticism, an unbalanced workload, or a lack of help when you need it.

Harassment In Any Form

No. This is not acceptable, no matter how minor, no matter how awkward, no matter how innocent. If you feel like you’re being harassed, there is no measure of reporting too small. Be as vocal as you can about it. Report the person to the police if this is continued. You do not deserve to cope with an iota of this treatment, no matter how many levels above you this management personality is. It’s as simple as that. Thankfully, this current climate has very little patience for people who engage in this behaviour, so be thankful for those who have pioneered that ahead of you and find your resolution.

With simple methods, you can identify flaws in your workplace and move towards a solution that works for you.

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