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What You Should Look Out For In A Resume As The HR Manager

Well, every day at your organization, there is something to handle as the Human Resource Manager. If it is not the payment of your staff, there is some new employee that need to be interviewed at one time or another. After all, that’s what you are employed for 🙂

Our millennial generation has taken almost every aspect to a whole new level, where, you cannot do with technology. Most organizations will require their applicants to use online applications in their career portal on the website. That means, most of the paperwork is eliminated when it comes to writing resumes and curriculum vitae.  

As the in-charge in the human resource department, you need to be conversant with these new developments in the business world. However, sometimes, you may receive a complicated resume, where you may get confused on what to check out for especially when all the applicants are well-qualified and their resumes look excellent.

The following 5 factors will help you not to fall for any resume from any applicant. They will help you to choose the right applicant from the standpoint of their resumes. No matter their level in the corporate ladder, their resume should communicate tons of who they are even before seeing them. In whichever field, they are experienced in, consider the following:

The design of the resume

Resume designs have continued to evolve over the years as the technology continues to advance. Most organizations have often given their applicants the best resume examples to follow in their applications. Any applicant who doesn’t follow the format your organization required should be ignored. That will make your work easy as the HR manager. 


A good applicant will not just take a resume format over the internet and copy paste it. A good resume should be tailored and customized to fit their qualifications and professions depending on the position they are applying for. As a the HR manager, consider the claim of the candidate on the resume and in person.

A good balance between Personal and Professional

You should check whether the person can build or promote your culture as an organization. Their resume should strike a great balance between their personal and professional advances. By reading the resume you should know who the person is and their capacity to change your organization. The best resume examples over the internet should give you a clue.

How specific they are

A good resume should specifically communicate the developments that the applicant has had over the years. Any resume that is not specific on the improvements and developments of the applicant should not be considered.

The optimum length

From the best resume examples provided by most professional websites, a great resume should range between one to two pages. Of course, you don’t want something that will take your entire one hour reading and trying to go stories. Again, it should be short and precise. Direct, to the point.


The above factors will enable you to cut off unnecessary resume baggage on your desk and email and bulk of going through hundreds of of them. Only serious and focused applicants will be successful.  

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