Why It Works To Be Happy At Work by

Why It Works To Be Happy At Work

We all know how important it is to remain positive at work.

Our working environments can often face us with challenging and stressful obstacles, which can make it difficult to stay optimistic for the most part of the working day. While we are sometimes buried under piles of work and struggling to cope, it is important to carry out exercises and maintain a bright and happy mind-set.

It has been proved that positivity at work has a very beneficial impact on your productivity, which as a result, also improves mental health and overall life satisfaction. This infographic has been brought to us by Cezanne HR software and takes us through everything we need to know about happiness in the workplace.

This guide is full of helpful tips and facts which will help you make your workplace the most productive and positive place yet.

So, what can you expect to find out from this guide?

Expect lots of facts about the happiness of workers. Establishing what causes happiness amongst workers and how their behaviour is affected is extremely important in learning how and why you should implement happiness schemes in the workplace.

  • Did you know that people over the age of 45 have a higher rate of workplace happiness?
  • How about the fact that 57% of people find work more enjoyable with close friends in the workplace?

It’s worth making notes of these facts about happy workers as a lot can be learnt from it.

Of course, with facts about happy workers, comes facts about unhappy workers. Now, these facts should enrich you on what to avoid at all costs!

With a quarter of us being distinctively unhappy at work, it’s vital to do all that you can to encourage a positive environment. The number one cause of work unhappiness is down to bad bosses, so if you are in charge, remember to implement fair systems and take the time out of your day to listen to those under your wing.

Luckily for all of us workers, there are many activities we can carry out in order to remain motivated.

These practises include setting goals, not sweating the small stuff and being kind to yourself. Yes, you heard. Don’t push yourself till you can’t cope anymore! Allocate breaks throughout the day so that you can take a moment to relax and have a snack. This’ll keep you energised and ready for the next bit of work!

The four key points that make people the happiest are close relationships, generosity, freedom, and trust.

Doesn’t seem so difficult to achieve, does it?

It is very easy to make these attributes part of the working environment, and when they’ll have a direct advantage on your business, it seems very silly not to. If you are wondering what you can do to make your work environment the best it has ever been, then taking your employees into consideration is the best place to start.

Remind yourself and your team on the points made on this infographic, and you’ll soon be on your way to having a very successful team and business.

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