Why The Work From Home Switch Is Leaving You In The Red by

Why The Work From Home Switch Is Leaving You In The Red

Working from home has slowly become the norm over the last few years, and recent events mean that this gentle working shift has been forced among countless companies across the world. Now, even enterprises that had no imminent remote work plans are having to work out how they can adjust to allowing employees to work from home. And, quite understandably, making such an extreme business shift with no warning has posed a few problems. 

Namely, businesses are finding that the speed with which they’re having to integrate these processes is costing them money, rather than letting them in for the remote savings they’ve heard about for years.

To save you from the same fate, we’re going to look at why work-from-home changes are costing you right now, and what you can do to stay out of the red. 

Changing IT infrastructures

IT structures are having to change exponentially to allow businesses to make this shift, all without allowing us the time to shop around for the best tools. Instead, managers are having to make spur-of-the-moment decisions about everything from their communication tools to their cybersecurity measures.

Not only is this bad news in upfront costs, but it also leads to untold IT downtime as predictably poor programs crash. 

Luckily, managed IT providers offer an easy way around this. Services like those offered by I.N.C. provide a comprehensive IT solution that implements the best programs and ensures continued maintenance for reduced downtime. That’s vital during this shift, and it’s a benefit you can enjoy for one predictable monthly fee. 


Did someone say lost productivity?

For years we’ve heard how home working boosts productivity, but the current situation may mean the opposite is true. We’re living through unprecedented times right now, and some level of distraction is inevitable. Add to that the fact your employees are working outside of their routines, and you may find that workloads drop off a cliff.

The best thing you can do here is to keep implementing routine as much as possible. Arrange video meetings just as you would in the office, and be sure to keep on top with delegation so that your team has a clear focus, and can hopefully keep production running like normal. 

Losing clients along the way

As every business enters an uncertain period, losing some clients is inevitable. Do note, though, that it could also be a side effect of your remote shift. After all, processes may become more complex, delays may be coming into play, and all of this can turn big-time customers away.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you want to again try to keep things as smooth as possible.

This means sticking to original deadlines wherever possible, and using the best meeting conferencing software you can find to make communication possible regardless.

You may also find that this is the ideal time to try to take business overseas or at least a little further afield so that you can enjoy more custom and more money as a result. 

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