Why You Need Soft Surfaces! by

Why You Need Soft Surfaces!

Soft Surfaces is a company that has been in the surfacing business since 1997. Throughout the years they gained experience by working on various projects in the play and sports industry. In the past ten years, this surfacing site has become a well-known company in the industry due to the quality of their projects.

The surface types that Soft Surfaces are working with are Rubber Mulch, Wet-pour, Resin Bound, Resin Bonded, Artificial Grass. These are not the only types, but the most requested ones by clients. So if you need a different type of surface, you should visit their website and see if they can work with the surface needed by you.

Rubber Mulch is made from old truck tires and in most cases is used to surface play areas. This material can be installed on almost any terrain, and it will give a sense of safety you can only experience by stepping on it. Even though Rubber Mulch is low maintenance, it is not totally indestructible with heavy use by the children it can breakdown in time so needs to be monitored..

Wet-pour is a material used to provide protection for places frequently visited by children, such as schools, nurseries and play parks. Soft Surfaces can install this material in various colors that are appealing for children. This surface has gained its popularity because of its impact absorbing properties.

Resin Bound is commonly used for driveways or pathways. This material is obtained by mixing polyurethane resin with natural stone gravel. It is low maintenance and very resistant to cracking.

Resin Bonded is used for large open spaces, is low maintenance and often recommended for sloped areas as it has very good gripping properties.

Artificial Grass doesn’t need any presentation because it has gained a lot of popularity in the past decades. It is important to remember that if you choose to install artificial grass, then it needs brushing from time to time.

If you need to install one of these surfaces, then contact them and ask for one of their  discount offers. They are well respected for providing high quality products.

They offer to help you plan the best product for your application and can design a protective groundcover to suit your needs with a great after installation maintenance service

They are very competitive and although they may not be the cheapest, they do use the best quality premium products giving excellent quality for an affordable price. They do not cut costs  by cutting corners, but strive to do the best possible job to ensure their projects will withstand the test of time and provide customer satisfaction. Their reputation for quality allows them to often be chosen them over the competition.

We recommend that if you need someone to install a soft surface, then you should give these guys a call, or visit their surfacing website where you can get all the information and even a quote for your surfacing needs. They are the professionals and offer a complete and trouble free service.

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