3 Business Trends Owners And Employers Need To Know About by

3 Trends Business Owners And Employees Need To Know About

It’s crucial that both business owners and employees keep track of the trends that currently exist in industries and sectors. For business owners, it can ensure they discover new ways to innovate or improve their business model, potentially increasing efficiency and growing to new levels. For employees, it’s about understanding their position in the business world and how their rights or role could ultimately change. So let’s look at some of the trends currently shaping the business world today.

Contingent Workforce

A contingent workforce simply refers to an increased reliance on freelancers. If you’re not familiar with the freelancing model, these employees are not hired on a permanent contract. Instead, they operate as sole traders and this means that they have the freedom to take on the contracts, jobs or projects that they want. Today, there are various platforms that freelancers can use to get hired and find a project working with different companies.

You might think that freelancers are the exception and currently that’s true. However, the use of freelancers are growing. They make up a staggering portion of the US workforce and will soon surpass the number of permanent workers in America. This is expected to happen in 2020 and will lead a major shift in the way businesses are run. You can learn more about this on

One of the benefits of freelancers for the employer is that they don’t need to provide any benefits or incentives. However, experts are predicting this will change in the coming years with freelancers gaining the benefits of being independent and being provided with extra rewards for working with a particular company.


Training is a crucial element of any business. It’s important for business owners to understand the significance training their employees can have. It will lead to increased levels of efficiency and the potential to provide individual workers with more responsibilities. The problem with training is that it is often expensive and time-consuming. Microlearning changes this, offering employees the learning tools they need in a bite-size package that can be completed during a typical work today. Sites such as can provide more information about this and make sure that you understand how they could benefit your team.

Commitment To Safe Spaces

You might have been keeping track of the MeToo movement and the outrage surrounding scandals in Hollywood. It’s naive to think that movements against this type of behavior will be exclusive to the world of Tinsel Town. Business owners need to start taking more action to protect their employees from harassment and discrimination. A failure to do this will lead to everything from legal issues to the loss of a loyal workforce.

As for employees, they should be fully aware of their right to have a safe place they can work free from issues like this. Employees who encounter these issues now have more chances than ever to get their voices heard and make sure that problems like this are tackled the right way.

We hope you find this information useful and see how keeping track of the trends can help you as an employee or a business owner.

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