Unusual Ways You Can Use Printers In Business by

Unusual Ways You Can Use Printers In Business

Although all businesses buy printers for the primary purpose of printing work documents, not everyone realises that they also offer the chance to save on costs and add a little bit of fun into the office.

A high-quality printer can afford some freedoms to your business – you’ll no longer be tied to expensive outsourced printer costs for some of your printing needs, you can drastically cut down the turnaround time on urgent print jobs, and you can quickly generate fun activities for team-building or office morale-boosting.

Make the most of your laser printer by broadening the range of things you print in-house with our four top suggestions for unusual uses for printers in business.

Print business cards

Business card

In the professional world, business cards can be truly invaluable. From sales staff to management, they’re a great way to assert the authority of your company to prospective clients or collaborators. However, the limitations of outsourced printing can mean that it’s necessary to print hundreds of copies at once. Not everyone who needs a business card requires this many, so they can end up sitting at the back of a desk drawer, providing very little value for their cost.

Printing your own business cards can prove to be a great cost-cutting move, as well as offering excellent flexibility. Not only can you do full print-runs when needed, you can top employees’ stock up quickly and with ease – a solution that’s also great for short-term contracted staff or new starters.

Use Microsoft Publisher or similar online design software to create your own business card designs if you’ve got a bit of latent design talent, or consider hiring an external designer to provide you with an editable template. Choose a ream of high-quality card stock to use specifically for this purpose which you can later cut to size with a guillotine, or source specialist pre-scored card sheets that are ideal for business card use. With a high-quality laser printer, you’re guaranteed a professional finish.

Print Christmas cards

Reputation is everything and something as simple as a Christmas card can easily affect the way that your clients regard you. If you decide to take Christmas greetings seriously this year, you can take the opportunity to inject your company’s values and personality into the cards that you send.

Use a printable Christmas card template, or if you’re really in the Christmas spirit, stage a festive staff photo complete with Christmas jumpers and Santa hats 😉 Whatever your design, you can print on high quality card of your choosing before sending them out in time for Christmas. Great cards have the potential to become a talking point in the industry, and if you currently send out thank you cards to clients or partners, it’s also possible to print these in-house all year round.

Print office games

It’s well known that happy staff are productive workers. On training or team-building days why not bring some fun into proceedings with printable office games – a cheap and easy way of entertaining staff. With the cost of each sheet being so low, and little to no preparation required, printable office games can even be perfect for impromptu birthday or work anniversary surprises.

There are lots of different types of games you can print out – from bingo to quizzes, word searches to board games. These printable team-building games can easily be laminated to keep them well preserved for future training activities or parties, they’re an ideal icebreaker and will encourage interaction and teamwork among staff, perfect for creating a harmonious working environment.

Print office decorations

Bare walls and barren spaces can be uninspiring for any worker, especially when they spend forty hours a week at their desk. In larger office spaces where natural light can be at a premium, consider creating an engaging atmosphere by printing and framing posters, landscapes or inspirational quotes to decorate the walls of your space. Taking staff suggestions on board will motivate teams to create an inspiring workplace and visitors to the office will leave with a great first impression of the company.

On birthdays or work anniversaries, help your colleagues to have a great day by printing out decorations, saving money on supermarket decorations at the same time!

Personalised garlands and banners can all be printed out and assembled by hand with little effort, and they’re the perfect personal touch to make a colleague feel valued.

If celebrating birthdays and anniversaries is something that’s important to the company, you should consider a wide-format or A3 printer to make printing large decorations much easier.

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