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6 Tips For Growing Your SaaS Startup Business

One constant desire of every startup owner is to catapult their business to the next level. SaaS (software as a service) business owners are relentlessly looking for the top growth-hacking secrets for their SaaS business.

In recent years, technological advancement has fueled the development of software. The SaaS-based business, which mostly follows a subscription model for their products usually delivered via cloud storage, is a thriving business.

While building a SaaS startup from zero is a daunting task, seeing the business grow and generate sales and revenues is more demanding.

Marketing a new business is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and effort.

If you cannot find time to market the business yourself, you can consider outsourcing the task to a SaaS marketing agency. Numerous agencies around the world can help you accomplish the task. Finding a marketing consultant can save you time and money, among other benefits.

Here are 6 tips to help grow your SaaS startup:

1. Create Compelling Content and Promote It

Inbound marketing is one of the best growth strategies for B2B SaaS companies. It involves creating compelling content that targets your target audience. The content should be informative and educative and should address the pain points of your target personas. When they engage with your content, it helps build trust and familiarity. In drives your business sales up.

After you create the content, you can use different channels such as email and social media to promote it. You can combine different content marketing strategies, including blog posts, case studies, guest posts, and white papers to better communicate your message.

Finding the right SaaS content marketing experts for your B2C and B2B SaaS business content is vital. To identify the best from a list of different agencies, you can do a background check and check their reviews from previous customers.

2. Employ an SEO strategy

Creating content is an excellent strategy.  However, you need a strategy that will help generate traffic to your content. Having the right SEO strategy in place is one of the proven ways to do that. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a strategy that helps rank your site on the first page of search engines such as Google. This helps generate organic traffic because your customers can find you quickly when they search for the solutions that your business offers.

If you optimize your content with the right keywords, on-site SEO, and off-page optimization strategies, then you will accelerate your startup growth.

Google regularly changes the ranking algorithms. Therefore, you should always improve the SEO rankings of your site. Do regular SEO audits to keep with the pace.

3. Track Your Performance

Every growing startup must look for ways to offer fact-driven answers and opinions. For example, the business owners must find the most-profitable and the highest performing marketing channels and back it up with reliable statistics and facts. Also, they should be able to analyze the number of users or subscribers that they were able to maintain within a given period.

Several platforms can help you analyze and track the performance. Some of these platforms include Salesforce, Panoply, Google Analytics, Intercom, among others. 

Finding the best platform that suits your SaaS business is vital. For example, the MongoDB chartio creates colorful analytics and visually compelling charts in an interactive dashboard that even a layman or non-programmers can interpret.

To identify the best platform, you can check out how it works from different platforms that do software reviews. A good platform must be able to represent the information in an appealing and easy-to-digest way. 

4. Offer Freemium Services

Offering a free trial and a free version can help boost your business growth. Most people would want to try out something for free to be able to tell if it is what they are looking for.

Offer your target audience a free trial period after which the user can decide on whether to continue or not. Alternatively, you can have a free version of the product that you are offering. You can limit the features that the user gets on the free version. Then, let them know what they can get if they subscribe to the paid plans.

Adopting the freemium pricing model is better than having a salesperson narrate what the product will help accomplish. You can integrate the free trial model to the content marketing strategy and email marketing campaigns to attain even better results.  

While the content marketing strategy helps educate the target audience the value they can receive from the product, a free trial model allows them to prove it for themselves.

5. Exploit Paid Growth Marketing Strategies

Promoting your product can also help reach more people quickly. You can launch a strategic sales initiatives and marketing plans strategies to reach a broader audience.

Some of the best paid digital marketing platforms include Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn Ads. Make use of these channels to run a remarketing campaign. 

Also, ensure that you have good reviews on your product. Most people rely on the reviews before they can make their final buying decision.

6. Listen to your Customers’ Feedback

Most customers give their feedback after they have used a product and are satisfied. Listen and respond to the input and concerns of your customers. For example, if a customer has given negative feedback, use it to improve your product and then let them know after the upgrade.

Customer reviews and feedback are essential. They help communicate with other prospective buyers about the product. Most buyers make their decision based on testimonials. Therefore the better the input, the more the new customers’ would want to try your product.

Also, the existing customers can make direct referrals if they are satisfied with a product. Therefore, make it your aim to satisfy the customers to increase your sales through referrals.

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