Boost Productivity With A Clean Office #newtohr

Boost Productivity With A Clean Office

Productivity is an issue which affects many businesses, with a range of factors combining to stand in the way of the best work being done. Anything from IT problems to high absenteeism, external issues or a lack of employee motivation can see productivity plummet worryingly, and an unsanitary working environment can also have a negative impact.

There are several reasons why maintaining a clean workspace helps to increase productivity.

For starters, the absence of clutter makes it less likely for workers to be distracted visually. Also, by keeping a well-organised filing system, important document will be much easier and quicker to find than in an office where papers are strewn around desks. Research from the International Data Corporation found that untidy workplaces can suffer to the tune of almost £2 million a year from lost productivity arising from lengthy searches for documents.

Furthermore, a poorly-sanitised workspace creates the distinct possibility of workers contracting illnesses, which leads to unwanted absenteeism, while people will naturally be more motivated to work in an office that’s spotlessly clean than one which is horrendously untidy.

This infographic from Cleaning Services Group goes into further detail in explaining why there is such a strong correlation between clean workplaces and high productivity levels.


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The preservation of a tidy working environment indicates that the people in it take pride in their company and, for businesses who regularly welcome clients onto the premises, it instantly creates a positive impression on such visitors.

There’s no doubting that the cleaner your office, the more likely it is that a high quality of work will be produced consistently!

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