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Do Not Get Tripped Up By Business Signage Issues

The roles the HR department fulfills for a business are many and varied. They do far more than just take care of employee welfare, recruitment and training. In most companies, they play a role in making sure that the business does not break the law.

For example, by taking overall responsibility for many important aspects of health and safety. Part of that role is ensuring that the relevant signage is bought from somewhere like and put up in the right places. If it is not, this can contribute to the business failing an inspection.

Regularly check your signage

But it is not enough to simply put the signage up. It needs to be kept clean so that it can be easily read. You also need to ensure that it has not been obscured.

  • For example, by a new production machine or other equipment.
  • Even the installation of new lighting has the potential to render a sign impossible to read.
    • If there is more glare, that high gloss sign that did the job for ages will need to come down and be replaced by a matte version. Or, the sign will need to be relocated to somewhere where the glare is not an issue.

Create a checklist to help you to do this

You need to regularly check the right signage is still in place and doing its job. To do this you need a checklist. Potentially, you could find one online. But before using one of these you would need to make sure it was up to date and that it was designed for use in your country. Otherwise, there is a danger one of the regulated signs will not be on your checklist.

If you are going to create your own, this article will help you to do so.

Keep up to date with the regulations

Staying up to date with the regulations is a big part of managing the signage in and around your business premises and on its equipment. Doing this sounds easy, but rarely is. This is largely because all the information you need is not likely to be found in one place. You will need to search for it.

The regular inspections you have are a good starting point. Staying up to date with the regulations surrounding those will reveal any signage needs that relate to them. This is relatively easy to do because normally the bodies that run the inspections send out up to date and factually correct information. You just need to read and comply with it.

Making sure the signage is still appropriate

While carrying out your audits, it is worth pausing for a moment in front of some of your older signage and asking yourself if it is still appropriate. Things change and a sign that used an expletive to remind you to mind your head may no longer be OK to leave up. You need to use your judgment here – humor can be a great way to get someone´s attention, but if it could be seen as offensive by some you will likely need to take it down.

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