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How To Spruce Up Your Office Space

Did you know that the environment in which you work can make a real difference in how you work and how productive you are? It will come as no surprise that working on a dull, grey office with no life to it can make you feel demotivated and miserable whereas working in a vibrant office with colour and life will make you feel a lot happier. This is the same for all the employees in your organisation, and as well as pleasing the staff, it is also essential to have an office space which looks clean, up to date and impressive to clients and customers.

You can take inspiration from Facebook and Google as these successful companies have made it a priority to have their office spaces looking and feeling cool. They include slides and sleep pods, football tables, table tennis, bean bags and break out rooms and while you don’t need to be as elaborate as that you can certainly take inspiration from them to get your office in tip-top condition.

Add Colour

Whether your office needs decorating entirely or just some life adding to it, it is essential to give the right impression. You don’t want to look like an old-fashioned business, behind the times or too clinical in a clean white area.

Decorate your space to show your company’s personality, use brand colours and brand designs so that your decor is unique and personal to your company. Add some colour to the furniture with a few cushions, a couple of beanbags in break-out rooms or the odd bright coloured chair can make all the difference.  

Bring In Life

Adding some greenery into your office space has many benefits as not only do indoor plants create a beautiful, naturally soft visual effect, but they also help to provide a lovely ambience. Live plants are good for cleaning toxins from the air and producing oxygen and humidity, which helps to ensure your environment is healthy, comfortable and relaxing. You will have to think about the maintenance of your plants, so make sure that someone is responsible for watering and feeding them. Also, make sure you place them somewhere where they can get some natural sunlight.

Get Organised

In an office, getting organised might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t. Whether it’s sorting out the storage solutions in your office, implementing a ‘tidy Friday’ before everyone goes home before the weekend or having a clear out of cupboards and drawers, decluttering the office can be so beneficial for the look and feel of the place and also for the mood and productivity of those working in the office.

A clean space is essential for working in; it is better for everyone to know where things are and also give people breathing space.

Let There Be Light

Having a light office is vital for a productive workspace as exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s release of serotonin, which is a chemical associated with increased happiness and overall well-being.

Low lighting actually tricks your brain into producing melatonin which is the hormone responsible for causing you to sleep, so which it’s great to have at night so that you feel relaxed and ready to sleep, but it is a nightmare during the day when you’re trying to concentrate on work.

If your access to natural light isn’t excellent in your office, then invest in some light fixtures with adjustable filters as this will help trick everyone’s brains and help them feel energised and happy.

Please Your Noses

Did you know that pleasant odours can improve memory performance?

According to an article by Apartment Therapy, smells of cinnamon, mint, lemon, orange and rosemary can help boost productivity. So as well as making your office smell nice, it will also be a benefit to the business. The scents don’t need to be overpowering, but you can add a couple of diffusers or plug-ins to seep pleasant aromas through the office discreetly.

Get Picture Perfect

Finally, one of the things your office could be missing is photos and pictures. Encourage your staff to have photos on their desk; it will bring a homely feel and help them to feel happier at their desks. Add more colours to the walls with pictures of staff and other artwork and even have a look at posters with motivational messages to keep morale up throughout the working day.

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