Human Resources Trends That You Did Not See Coming. #NewToHR

Human Resources Trends You Did Not See Coming

Advise For Those Who Are Interesting In Human Resources.

Have you been wondering what makes people in HR tick?

Many of the trends that have been changing the way that companies work with employees have started to raise eyebrows. If you have noticed a drastic change in the way your people operations function has been working, it may be due to one of these new trends.

They test you out before they hire you – a little more often than not.

Too often, operations and HR have been burned by hiring people who seemed qualified enough on paper, only to find out that they were completely and totally incompetent at what they did.

Nowadays, more and more people professionals are choosing to hire people as a freelancer. Some even go as far, as to hire freelancers fulltime after trying them out of a employer contract. So far, it has been working well for companies.

HR is now way more likely to do detective work on new hires and old ones alike.

Companies can be put in jeopardy by a person’s extracurricular activities.

So, do not be shocked if you find out that HR has been looking at your Twitter, your Facebook, and everything else (this is illegal in many countries). Be careful what you post online!

Though you will never hear about it, many departments are getting less tolerant about employee shenanigans!

Professionalism is becoming more and more important across the globe, and that means that HR departments are not going to tolerate things like sloppily dressed workers, customer service reps with an attitude, or employees that just do not play well with others. Expect stricter enforcement in your workplace.

Even if they are hard on some things, HR professionals are also turning into teachers and guides more often than not.

Many HR teams are becoming well known for the fact that they do their best to nurture management skills, employee team building, and even a positive company culture. They may send employees to boot camps, special innovative HR events, or even help throw company parties to get them more involved in the team spirit.

See? HR is not all bad! 😉

They are also starting to look for more creative, dynamic individuals when it comes to new hires and for promotions as well.

Companies also have to deal with the fact that there is a much higher demand for good work than ever before. So, peopleteams really have to keep their eyes open for employees who show signs that can really revolutionize the way that a company works.

And, that means that they are beginning to look for people who can think outside the box more often than not. In fact, many major companies are starting to care less about degrees and more about what a person has done in their life when it comes to certain positions.

People services are constantly evolving, and that means that people are going to have to evolve within HR in order to keep afloat in the constantly changing world of business!

The good news is that for companies, business owners, and good employees alike, this means that you can expect a lot more quality and a lot happier offices in general.

So, don’t worry – keep your people operations evolving, as it is a good kind of evolution.

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  • Veronica Ruggiero
    23/08/2014 at 23:23

    Yes, HR is getting a lot more strict and tougher on who they employ. However, I feel as if this is for the best because like you said, it makes the quality of the business go up. I am new to the field, but I do not see a problem with a company doing some detective work into my life before hiring me (such as snooping my FB). I also don’t see a problem with them not putting up with the old time shenanigans. MANY people are qualified on paper for all sorts of things, it doesn’t mean they are actually good at it!

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