Looking To Your Future Talent. #NewToHR

Looking To Your Future Talent

With the job market shrinking and the amount of people with attractive skillsets growing it is time for businesses to make a decision between constantly hiring new employees or developing the skills their current employees have.

In many cases the current employees of a business not only have the potential, but also are more than willing to put in the effort towards gaining a managerial or senior level position. Hiring from within saves time and money and dedicating effort towards grooming your future talent is an effective business practice.

Businesses typically have defined leadership criteria that must be met in order to fill a higher position.

The problem arises when these businesses outsource the position and attempt to fill it without searching their current employee list for the ideal candidate.

In the majority of cases the employee who they would love in a higher position is sitting right in their office. Providing employees the skills that will help them develop and contribute more to the business is necessary if you want a business to succeed.

While a lot of planning is required to create a plan which will help employees along the way, in the long run it more than pays for itself when you have highly trained and motivated individuals who command a lot of respect being placed in senior positions.

A business with a proper recruitment process does not have to worry about outsourcing the hiring when looking for higher-level positions to be filled.

The initial process should have weeded out the individuals who are not a good fit for the business and would not contribute to long-term growth.

‘Grooming’ current employees for these positions is as easy as determining which skills a manager would need and blanket-training each employee. The basic managerial skills that each employee will learn not only helps them become more effective on the job but will confirm that they are a candidate ready for a succession position. Not every employee will gain a better position but the skills they learn will allow them to become ‘better’ employees overall.

When it comes to the many different aspects of a business and how it is run the employees are typically the most important. Providing the tools needed for these employees to advance and develop provides a large pool of people that can be chosen from the fill better positions and results in a much more effective employee base.

The young people working for businesses today are looking for the training and education that will enable them to advance and once it is provided almost every business will see growth and higher productivity.

The future talent is already there, it simply needs to be ‘groomed’ properly.

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