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The Modern Intrapreneur. Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time.

Many intrapreneurs are very creative individuals who enjoy coming up with new ideas for their business.

However, sometimes, the mind just never seems to stop coming up with them at the cost of too little time to actually implement them.

This can lead to a very stressful situation that so many intrapreneurs get themselves into: Soon enough the entrepreneur is swamped with too many projects going on at the same time!

There are certainly many benefits to this kind of approach and one of the greatest is risk management. The idea of not putting too many eggs in one basket minimizes the possible failure impact of unsuccessful projects.

Working on multiple projects at once can also keep the intrapreneur excited since one project can often lead to boredom.

While in an ideal world, multiple projects would always lead to multiples successes; unfortunately this is not always the case in the read world.

There is also the issue of focus, in which multiple projects can lead to multiple distractions, affecting the end quality of the work.

Finally, it may be stressful for the intrapreneur to have to keep up with so many projects at once. This level of stress may have a very negative impact on one’s health.

Strategies For Balancing the Fine Line Between Ideas and Time

The intrapreneur must find a fine line between taking on too many projects in a realistic amount of time, so that projects still become accomplished without any accompanying stress.

It is certainly more valuable for the company when ideas reach completion than to have them sitting around in the brainstorming stage. Significant steps should be taken to take move each idea forward.

One of the keys to achieving success is to prioritize your to do list regularly. Too many people spend too much wasted time and energy on unimportant tasks rather than focusing on the things that really matter.

It is imperative to make a detailed list of everything that needs to be done in order of priority.

Such a priority list can even be made daily so that every task is placed in its appropriate position. This way, each day can be started with the most important tasks completed first and you can easily work your way down the bottom.

The list can also be printed out each morning and held close by, in case one forgets what should be done and in what order.

Use these tips on a regular basis to develop a time management plan that generates success. It does not take a lot of effort to put together such a plan but the rewards you will reap will certainly make it worthwhile!

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