The Top 6 Marketing Skils You Will Need For 2019 by

The Top 6 Marketing Skills You’ll Need For 2019

Because digital technology advances so quickly, each year brings in new marketing techniques and with it, new skills to prioritize. Contrary to what it’s called, an email campaign is no longer just about email.

It’s about providing the best customer experience through personalized communication and engagement. Given this, there are specific marketing skills that are sure to take the lead this year. Pay attention to each one and make sure you consider them for you campaigns in order to keep yourself relevant to your target audiences.

1) Data Analysis

Data is at the forefront of marketing today because it provides the foundation for connecting with your target audiences on a more personal level. Using data, you can more easily engage your audiences and convert them into actual paying customers. However, doing this properly requires a specific skill set to determine what type of data must be measured and then analyzing the results to come up with valuable insights. Only then can you develop the best possible customer experience.

2) Data Visualization

There’s no denying the value of data in marketing these days. However, it could be difficult to see the bigger picture when dealing with information at large volumes.

Data visualization is a skill that helps find patterns and trends in data in order to gain the insights needed to make it useful.

Without data visualization, it would be difficult to make sense of and actually utilize the information you capture from your audience. Additionally, visualization is also the best way to communicate these insights to the people that rely on them the most.

3) Search Engine Marketing

No matter the developments in the digital world, search engines will always be the primary gateway for information online. Both SEM and SEO always have space in any marketing campaign because of its proven effectiveness and cost-efficiency. With Google constantly improving its algorithms, there’s always a need for specialized skills in this field.

It’s important to be adept at both on-page and off-page SEO tactics as well as in SEM integration. With these skills, you can harness the power of search engines and open your brand up to the most relevant audiences.

4) Content Marketing

SEO goes hand-in-hand with content because it is the best way to organically appear in search engine results pages. However, content marketing is much more than providing search engines with crawlable information. By itself, content marketing should provide valuable and relevant information to your target audiences, consequently driving conversion and brand loyalty.

To succeed in this, you need to have a good understanding of your audience and how to connect with them in a way that makes your brand matter. This also requires great communication skills in various channels.

5) Omnichannel Communication

People now rely on a variety of media and it’s important to harness the power of each one in order to provide a personalized and seamless experience to your audiences. This goes well beyond the limits of multi-channel marketing, which simply pushes the same communication strategies through a variety of channels.

Omnichannel communication requires a special set of skills that can identify the most relevant platforms and then determine the best communication approach for each one. It is only then that you can develop a unified marketing strategy to provide a seamless experience with the brand across all channels.

6) Campaign Management

Now more than ever, campaign management is complex and multi-faceted. Because marketing campaigns are more data-driven and can span a variety of channels, the role of the campaign manager is even more crucial. They need to know not only how to measure and read data but also the best ways to use it. Furthermore, they need to have the ability to get various channels to come together to offer one powerful, unified campaign.

Managing a marketing campaign at this day and age is a complex feat but, luckily, there are incredibly advanced tools to make things easier.

These are the skills that have proven to be most relevant in today’s digital landscape. By brushing up on these skills and applying them to your email campaign, you’ll have the power to develop a relationship with your audience at a seemingly personal level. Doing so will not only make your brand distinctive but also well loved.

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