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The Verdict Is In … Here Are The 5 Most Rewarding Careers Of 2019

Deciding on a career path isn’t an easy choice — in fact, it’s a painful crossroads to find yourself at. No matter what you decide on becoming, you invariably get the sense that you will be stuck with it forever. It feels like you only get one shot at picking the right career, and if you miss, you’ll never be happy with your job.

Yet, the most rewarding careers are usually ones that people don’t treat with such grand importance. Usually, people who report higher levels of satisfaction with their careers treat it as just a day job. Their work speaks for itself, and they aren’t defined by it.

When it comes to deciding on a career, all you need is the knowledge of what’s available out there, and the courage to pursue it. Let your work speak for itself, and you will find yourself with a rewarding career where your vocation isn’t all that defines who you are. You’ll look back and wonder why you ever worried about picking the right career.

Keep reading below to learn more about some of the most rewarding careers out there, so you can start finding out which is right for you!

1. See What Comes With Being CEO

Everyone wants to be at the top of the food chain — everybody wants to be their own boss. Yet, few are willing to work for it and become a leader. If you’re willing to put in the work to become a CEO, you’ll be rewarded with more than just wealth.

The sense of power that accompanies becoming a CEO is usually reward enough. By being a CEO, you can claim to have a clear vision of what you want your company to achieve. Chief executives can stop waiting on the change they want to see in the world, and instead, become it.

If that sounds like what you’re after, then you may want to pursue executive leadership. Don’t expect it to come easy though — you’ll need to study up on management theories and put your nose to the grindstone to work your way up.

Start Your Own Company to Avoid Working Your Way Up

Not everyone can stand being at the bottom of the ladder for too long. Usually, these are people with a passion and a clear, developed idea of what they want to turn the company into. And if you’re one of these people, why wait to work your way up to CEO when you can just start your own company?

Starting your own company is easy — you just need to start a website and file some paperwork. Then, it’s time to get to work! Just remember that your company will be starting from the bottom, so expect many long nights spent working before you start seeing revenue.

2. See the Light By Becoming Part of the Clergy

One of the most rewarding career paths is also one of the least undergone: religious work. By being a part of the clergy, you don’t just become closer to God. You also lead your community and guide people through some of the hardest parts of life.

Being a part of the clergy, whether it’s as a priest or a parishioner, gives you a sense of purpose. You help people in religious work, and that is some of the most rewarding work of all!

Not All Rewards Come in Cash

While the clergy can be considered one of the most important parts of any community, it’s also one of the most underfunded. The church simply hasn’t found a way to monetize itself as other non-profits have. As a result, its employees are paid very little, compared to other careers.

Some clergy members may make as little as $32,000 per year. Yet, most claim that the money doesn’t even parallel to the satisfaction they feel when they help their community.

3. Know People By Being a Life Coach

Life coaches are finding more demand as more people find themselves wondering what they should do with their lives. Life coaches are like the clergy since they guide people through dark times and help connect them with the world around them. Yet, they take a far less religious tone.

Life coaches are certified through companies like this site. And with that certification, life coaches gain the knowledge they need to connect people with their inner selves. Most of all, life coaches gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be successful so that they can guide people towards success.

4. Software Developers Develop More than Tools

For a lot of people, connecting to their communities and rising to the challenge isn’t the reward they’re looking for. The reward they want is simpler than that: money. Many people only want a career so that they grow their personal wealth, so that they can focus on other aspects of their life.

Software development caters directly to those people. It’s one of the most lucrative fields out there, with many developers making triple-digit salaries at almost entry-level positions. Companies usually have laid-back atmospheres and are accompanied by a blossoming tech industry.

Those things make software development a good choice for anybody looking for stability and scalability in their career.  

5. Anesthesiologists Sleep Soundly at Night

Medical degrees are difficult and expensive to get, and the high bar to achieve them keeps a lot of people out. Becoming an anesthesiologist is unfortunately similar to becoming a doctor, with one key difference. Anesthesiologists perform the most important role in any surgery.

They knock people out so that surgeons can do what they need to do. They need to consider the correct dosage to give someone and be on the lookout for obscure ailments like malignant hyperthermia. They wield one of the most important, and one of the most powerful, medicines in all fields: anesthesia.

Only You Decide On the Most Rewarding Careers

The important thing to remember about finding a career is that the most rewarding careers are ones that you feel comfortable in. A rewarding career is one that pays well enough to where you don’t need to worry about money. It’s also one that balances well with every other aspect of your life.

That’s a careful and delicate balance for everyone. And that means you’re the only one who can decide on the most rewarding career for you. Yet, you also need to know the options you have to choose from. And for that, we’re here! Keep reading our website, and you’re bound to find a career path that calls out to you!

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