What Makes Us Behave The Way We Do. #NewToHR

What Makes Us Behave The Way We Do

Newly appointed managers often face the difficult task of getting their team to cooperate efficiently. While they are often very skilled in the technical side of things, learning how to manage people and developing excellent communication skills often require a little more work.

After all, this is all about leadership. You are in charge!

But with leadership comes great responsibility, especially when the going gets tough.

Managing your team is first and foremost about understanding what your obligations are. There is simply no room to blame others on tasks that have not been done accordingly.

The manager is always held accountable for every job and often has to find creative ways to motivate the team in the right direction.

Sometimes, this may require setting boundaries with your staff.

For example, if you get overly friendly with your staff, people “under” you may start to take advantage of this fact and use it against you. However, this does not imply being cold or rude in any way, or treating them as any less important. The strength of a team involves everybody giving their best work, while being treated respectfully.

Building a Powerful Team Requires Work

Excellent teamwork requires leveraging all the talent of the people in your team. People need to feel that their work is being supported, while the manager guides and coaches everybody to their full potential.

There is so more to a successful company that merely generating profits. A truly successful company uses the skills in the organization to form a circle that ends up equaling more than for example separate parts. This kind of equation can quickly disintegrate when individuals are being ignored or feel demoralized. For example, staff bullying can quickly demotivate a large part the team, resulting in damaged relationships and impact on the profits of the company if it is not brought quickly under control.

Building strong relationships is a pre-requisite for any strong team.

Getting everyone to build rapport with each other and revealing a strong interest into what makes people tick will bring a feeling of admiration and trust into the entire organization.

When everyone is treated equal, it becomes easier to listen more effectively and hear what your colleagues have to say. Only in such an environment can an organization grow effectively.

This brings us to one of the most important attributes of a successful manager – humility.

Nobody is perfect.

Even the finest supervisors can learn much from people working in their organization. Learning how to listen in a constructive manner, while knowing how to effectively respond to feedback is a terrific way to bring out the best of your entire team – and of yourself.

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