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Supporting The Mother

With women slowly fighting their way into higher positions in companies, it is becoming increasingly more important to develop a work culture that caters to the progressive mother.

Parking for expecting mothers and even paternity leave are all side effects of the growing voice of concern for supplying mothers with the ability to work while still acting as a parent.

Unlike the burden of the past, mothers are now increasingly treated as assets to be aided and protected!

Research shows mothers to be the most efficient and dedicated employees.

Because they have to manage their time better, they become much improved at knowing how to be more productive when they are on the clock. In addition, mothers are adept at adapting to and dealing with stressful situations that occur at work. This gives them the power to respond to issues in a much cooler, more objective way.

With such talent on the line, it falls to the lap of HR to develop ways to keep the mothers connected while assisting them in taking care of their children. In the end, it really comes down to what each individual mother needs.

  • Meet with them regularly to keep discussions open about what is working and what isn’t.
  • Be flexible if they ask for more time to work from home but be clear in what is expected of them.
  • Always keep them informed of who they should reach out to should an issue arise, and make sure communication is always open between the office and the mother.

Remember to keep all employees involved!

Make time to share success stories of what being a mother and working for the company have reaped. This will voice to the management that such a flexible position is beneficial to their overall goals with the company, making them more likely to support further measures to provide mothers with whatever they need to work while running a household. Similarly, this will create an open discussion that could lead to new and better ideas in regards to how to best help parents both male and female.

By nurturing mothers and their desire to continue working while raising a family, the people team is beginning to foster a culture that is far better able to adapt to different situations than before. With proper communication and assistance, what was once thought a burden can now remain one of the hardest workers in the entire company.

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