Writing is the painting of the voice. - Voltaire

— Posts Nicole Loved To Write

What makes a piece of writing great?

There are as many answers to that as there are blogs.

Blog Posts #NewToHR Founder Loved To Write.

The majority of articles I have written over the past years, have truly resonated with many of you – our #NewToHR’s readers.

But as a writer I am continually advised to create content that will solve a problem or decrease your pain points.

I have to understand you (the #NewToHR audience) better than you understand yourself. Disappointing the many marketeers among us, I feel that this is what everyone does!

So, I have always written about things that I love, that interest me personally.

Focusing on my thoughts, ideas, opinions and figuring out how to put those into words and I can tell you with Dyslexia this is a pretty daunting task! But apparently it does work…

Here are a few examples of the articles I loved to write:

There is no right way to approach blogging – so have a go, open your own blog and write about what you love!


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